How would you like to save an hour every day?

The clocks will be going forward soon, so we will lose an hour.... while we were sleeping.

But what could you have done with that hour if you still had it.

Poor planning, spending time on low value tasks, procrastinating can all have an impact on your productivity and end up wasting time.

Focus on a few of the following if you want to save an hour a day and make better use of your time.

Save an hour at work

Save time in your workday, finish earlier and get home earlier.

1. Plan your day! Spend a few minutes planning and you'll save time across your whole day. Plan time for the more important tasks and be more realistic about what you can achieve.

2. Group tasks. Doing similar tasks at the same time it a more effective use of your time instead of switching between different types of tasks - emails, phone calls. Set aside time in your schedule for these tasks.

3. Reduce meeting time. Set meetings to 45 or 50 minutes, not the default one hour. Have an agenda and stick to it. Allocate a time-keeper to keep things on track. Start and finish on time.

4. Set reminders - stop wasting time, trying to remember things or worse forgetting things. Put them in your schedule so they pop up when you need them instead of holding them in your head.

5. Set time limits - if you intend to just spend a few minutes on a task but if you don’t set a time limit you could spend more time than intended. Set mini-deadlines.

6. Use the Pomodoro Technique - Work for 25 minutes with a 5 minute break. You’ll stay focused and be less distracted.

7. Delegate - if you're spending too much time on work that isn't your responsibility, stop taking on things that aren’t your area of responsibility. Outsource or automate your admin, follow-ups, accounts.

8. Travel time. Do something productive with your travel time. Use it to plan your day, listen to an audio or podcast, learn something new, read a book.

There are also things you can do to save an hour at home

Looking after a home and family can be time intensive. Save time at home.

9. Get organised. A few simple organisational solutions can save time finding things or trying to remember where you've put them. Put things away in the appropriate place to save time searching for them later.

10. Plan the night before. Set out clothes, gym kit, paperwork, laptop and chargers ready for the following day. The same for children - homework, gym kit, school bags etc.

11. Create a menu plan. Plan the meals for the week. Batch cook and prepare meals in advance so you have several quick and easy meals prepared. Saves time thinking about what to cook each day when you've planned ahead.

12. Shop with a list. Quicker to find what you need and waste less time trying to remember what you want and less likely to impulse buy.

13. Shop online. Save time travelling to the supermarket or shops for things you regularly use or can be easily delivered to your home. You can arrange delivery at a time that suits you, especially if you work at home.

14. Delegate at home! You don't have to do everything. Get help (paid or otherwise) with some of the household chores - cleaning, washing, tidying up, gardening or DIY. Even the youngest members of the family can get involved.

15. Automate. Where you can, put your bills on direct debit, so you don't need to spend time paying them each month. One less things to worry about and forget.

16. Declutter. Recycle, pass on or donate clothes you no longer wear for whatever reason. Put things away and organise drawers and wardrobes to make it easier to find things when you need them.

What about those time sucks?

It might be how you chose to switch off at the end of the day but it can be a time suck too.

17. Limit screen time. How much time do you spend watching TV, live, streaming or on social media? While it’s a good way to switch off or catch up with friends, is it time that could be better spent elsewhere? Study, learn something new.

18. Multi-task. Not something I often suggest as usually it's not a productive use of your time but there are times you can do more than one thing at a time. Ironing or exercising while watching TV.

19. Exercise/Activity. Heading to the gym can take up a chunk of time - get there, change, exercise, shower, change, get back to the office or home. Swap an hour or two at the gym for shorter focused activity - a 20 minute HIIT session or a daily 10-15 minute yoga routine you can do at home.

20. Combine errands. Multiple errands, one trip. Whether it's a trip to the supermarket, during your lunch-break or on the school run. Make a list and then plan the time to do several things at the same time.

Go on give one or two of them a go and see how much time you can save.