The passion that led you to start your business can quickly be burnt away by the many tasks which keep your company on track. Becoming overwhelmed by these jobs, which are necessary but not why you started your business, risks taking your focus off the core work that you need to be doing in order to survive and thrive.

One of the first steps to deciding that a Virtual Assistant could be the answer to helping you work on rather than in your business is to be clear on why you need to delegate. It may be cover for sickness, holiday or any of the many personal reasons that could take you away from the business. It may be simply to reduce your workload.

If you didn’t start a business as a Virtual Assistant the chances are that bookkeeping, managing a diary or building business processes are not your strongest points. Working with someone who loves these tasks, and can bring their skills into your business reduces your need to devote time to them. A V.A. will know the best software, apps and systems to introduce to help streamline and improve your business, allowing you control and oversight without getting bogged down in the daily detail.

Delegation is often defined as “shifting authority and responsibility from one person to another”.  The biggest part of passing tasks on to someone else is trust. Take time to get to know your V.A. Understand their strengths and how they can support you. They will be a key part of your team, perhaps for many years, so building a mutually supportive relationship will help them to help you.

With many of us now working on our own, at kitchen tables or in our spare rooms, simply having someone else involved in our business can be the best reason for bringing in a V.A. It allows us to take the time to think and plan, knowing that the key admin is being covered.

My eBook “6 Steps To Help You Let Go and Delegate to a Virtual Assistant” is a guide to what you need to think about to release some of the tasks that don’t fill you with joy, and building a relationship with a Virtual Assistant. You can download it here. I would love to learn about your business and have a discovery call with you to help decide how a Virtual Assistant could work for you. Get in touch to book a free conversation and start a journey to releasing time so you can follow your vision for your business.