Case Study

Berry Rowan Recruitment Solutions

Their Problem

Jeanette was looking for support from us, that would allow her to concentrate on her recruitment business. These activities included: ensuring vacancies were advertised on her website; social media management; strategy and finance support; and one off activities to get the smaller items off her list.

As the partnership matured Jeanette also asked us to help data cleanse her recruitment database and ensure the end-to-end process from extracting candidates and clients from the database to MailChimp campaigns were as smooth and painless as possible.

Our Solution

From our initial engagement with Jeanette we found that the scoping and initial tasking was better achieved face to face. This approach allowed Jeanette to better ‘offload’ her tasks and show where some of these tasks are performed in her IT systems.

Because of the multiple streams of activities required by BRRS we designed our solution to use a 'virtual' team approach. This ensured we used the correct team members with the right expertise to delivery the activities required. I own the engagement with Jeanette, whilst the team members work directly with her on their areas of expertise.

This has both allowed Jeanette to concentrate on her recruitment business and allowed for many of the tasks we provide to be delivered more effectively.

Services provided:

Process Support
Task Management
Email Management
Finance Support
CRM Support
Process Creation
Project Management
Forward Planning
Content Creation
Content Management

From the client:

If I am honest, I was always a bit sceptical about Virtual Assistants; I thought it would take longer to show them tasks, and there would be no consistency or be representative of my business.

However, I have found that using Smart Office Support has really helped me to focus on what I do best – Recruiting!

Rachel and I meet every quarter to discuss the strategy for the following quarter. Magically I find that things get done – I am chased and reminded when needed to feed information to them, particularly for Social Media posts and marketing mailers; we have a bit of fun with the tweaks and all without any quibble. Thanks Katie!

They have helped with lengthy database projects to streamline and cleanse, which again means the information is up-to-date and relevant. I tapped into Warren’s Excel spreadsheet expertise which was a godsend as definitely not my forte - it would’ve taken me months to learn to do what Warren did in an hour!

It’s also great to share and to celebrate successes together, a bit of networking (Rachel knows everyone!), and even a bit of a social too.

Although I don’t have a team around me anymore, I really don’t feel like I am working alone, which is a bonus as I love people. Of course, financially, it works too, as I only pay for the hours they work and can vary this to suit my workload – it’s a very flexible and agreeable arrangement.

So without any hesitation, If you are considering working with a VA, I strongly recommend you go for it!

Jeanette Hingley Owner/Consultant - Berry Rowan Recruitment Solutions

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