Case Study

Grateful Society

Their Problem

The Grateful Society is a charity that provides volunteer led groups with grants to continue their support for older people in the Bristol and surrounding areas. The Society was referred to us because their Business Admin Support was retiring and we had previous experience working with another of the Societies in Bristol.

The Society needed someone to run their annual application process, liaising with local volunteer led charities to encourage them to apply, submitting the applications to the Trustees of the Society and then liaising with the successful charities to pay their grants and monitor how they spend it.

Our Solution

The first year of supporting the Society was a very steep learning curve of getting to know the Society itself, the charities they liked to support and booking in visits for the President to visit the charities.

Over the initial 3 years we have been supporting them we have gone from sending around a spreadsheet for completion to a shared document area, use of personal emails to a Grateful Society email address, rebranding of the Society and their website. Although not responsible for doing the website, we managed the process to get this done

In year 3 we also took on the annual appeal for donations and usual social media for the first time to get the message out to more people.

Services provided:

Process Support
Task Management
Email Management
Finance Support
CRM Support
Template Creation
Forward Planning
Content Creation
Content Management

From the client:

Rachel has provided consistent, prompt and efficient service to the Grateful Society and has always been willing to go above and beyond for them  

Robert Drewett, Treasurer

Robert Drewett, Grateful Society Treasurer - Grateful Society

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